Spotlighting Delivery 3 – Presentation tips

Bridging the gap between knowing what to do and experiencing how it feels doing it is one of the key benefits obtained from concerted preparation and practice. For example, a funny quip, inserted into a boardroom briefing, might seem extremely witty when read yet could fall flat if delivered in a poor manner on the day.

Other considerations too can be taken into account regardless of the nature of the presentation scheduled to be given. The following list, though not exhaustive, covers some

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Spotlighting Leadership – Responsibility

Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility said consultant Peter F. Drucker.

Success and failure are inevitably placed at the feet of the leader. Whilst enlightened souls might choose to spread praise for achievements to team members, attention invariably is focused, for the purposes of applause and criticism, on the leader.

Though ultimately responsibility for all actions of a group sits on the shoulders of the leader, a number of specific items, regardless

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Spotlighting Delivery – 2 – Props

In the successful organization, no detail is too small to escape close attention Lou Holtz, sports coach

Whether standard stage props such as a table, chairs and some water, elaborate objects designed especially for the particular event in question or a basic flip chart for the writing of spontaneous points during an in-house training session, certain items will need to be made available for the performer/speaker/trainer.

Costumes, make-up, and hairstyles will also require attention in

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Spotlighting Teamwork 2 – Team spirit

Confidence comes with numbers. The number of hours set aside for preparation. The number of times the team has operated together. The number of occasions either the same task or something very similar has been undertaken. With the numbers right, confidence grows, team spirit soars and a winning performance can be achieved.

Each team member brings different strengths to the team. The coming together of these individual talents, provided they are managed accordingly, will form the basis for a

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Genuine leadership comes from the quality of your vision and your ability to spark others to extraordinary performance.Jack Welch, American business leader and consultant.

Following on from authenticity, today we turn our attention towards the second characteristic we consider essential in any successful leader. Having a vision of where the team is headed, seeing the big picture as it were, and then being able to inspire the team to buy into the goal is down to the leader.

Others are

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Spotlight on Performance – Stage Props


Depending on the nature of the performance to be undertaken, certain stage props will need to be gathered together prior to the actual staging of the work.

Any number of items might be required in order to assist with the performance. Their presence may help underline a message – slides are often used in this way during presentations – or give emphasis to the event. For example, we can think of how the Presidential Seal on the front of the lectern immediately adds a

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Choosing the Setting


Choosing the Setting
Whilst technical issues need to be taken into account when choosing the setting for any scheduled event, we can look today at the question from the perspective of choosing for the sake of getting the best from those involved in the performance of work.

We all like to feel comfortable in our surroundings and as far as possible our place of work should invariably reflect this basic need. Drab, grey office blocks, tucked away in business parks might

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